Thursday, December 15, 2011

Skating Party ideas

This year my girls wanted to have a skating party together.  Since their birthdays are only 6 days apart, I gladly agreed to it!  I made their cakes using one of the new Wilton cake pans.  My youngest wanted a pink skate of course, and my oldest wanted blue.  They turned out really cute.  Here are the cakes....

We had a lot of fun making their invitations.  I got the skate from the Nifty Fifties cart.
We used DCWV glitter paper for the scalloped addition.

We used stickles for the laces.  Much easier than glueing all the little pieces on.

I used the Polka dot cuttlebug folder for "party time".

The funnest thing we made for the party was the favors.  Instead of goodie bags, we opted to make chocolate suckers.  I went on and found some roller skate candy molds.  I made a sucker holder with round floral foam.  I glittered it pink, blue, and silver.  I used spray adhesive.  This worked great.  But oh what a mess!  Next time I'll do this outside and not in the garage!
The kids loved the suckers and the party.  It was a great success.  It is really nice that you can find roller skate molds and shapes on the cartridges.  It makes it so easy to plan a great party!

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