Thursday, March 24, 2011

Calling Cards and Cricut Plushie

I wanted to share my calling cards for the Stampede.  I made almost a hundred of them.  Whew-  I was tired of making them by the time the Stampede arrived.  The different pieces of the flag were cuttlebugged, then I stitched the top layer to another card to make a pocket.  I thought they needed a little bling so I added the rhinestones in the corners.  Inside the pocket was a Cricut head that contained all my info.  The ribbon was attached to the heads so that they were easily pulled out.  The bottom pics are of my youngest daughter.  She loves her Cricut plushie!!  I was lucky enough to purchase one and also to win another one, since I have 2 daughters!  I was totally stressing about not having 2.  I won the 2nd plushie the last night we were there.  It worked out perfectly and the girls were thrilled to have a Cricut.
Calling cards for the Texas Stampede Meet-Up

The Cricut head inside my flag had all my info. on it.

Front of Cricut head.
Back of Cricut head.
Connally thought the Cricut was hungry, so she fed him.

She named he/she Oooly.

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  1. Shea, I loved your calling cards! So clever and fun! Ooly looks like he/she was greatly enjoyed! lol I too am suffering from a post swarm depression - it was TOO fun! I posted some photos from the swarm on my blog if you wanted to check them out!