Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Vinyl on Baseball Helmets

Our family is gearing up for Baseball and Softball season. This will be my girls' first year for Softball. We are sooo excited. Caroline will be in a coach pitch league and our little Connally will be in "Weeball". She is so stinkin cute with her little cleats and glove. We can't wait to watch them both in their rookie seasons! My son is so excited to be returning to his last years team - The Red Raiders. He is quite literally a baseball fanatic, so we are very happy the season is starting!! All the kids wanted their names on their batting helmets, so of course I thought of the vinyl. Truthfully, I've had several rolls of vinyl on my shelf for months, just waiting to be used. I was a little intimidated to use it for the first time. I was so silly. It was really easy to use. I can say this because I had the transfer tape. I don't think I would even attempt to do a project without it. So if you're a vinyl procrastinator too, go for it. You'll really like it.

Connally age 4

Cortland age 10

Back of Caroline's head age 8

After we know numbers, I will add those to the helmets too.

I also have to add a heart to Connally's, because big sister has a flower on hers.  Cortland thought  they were crazy to put hearts and flowers on their helmets.  Obviously, you can't be tough with flowers and hearts on your gear!!


  1. LOVE IT! Thank you for the idea, I am totally borrowing it and doing it for my boys! (just names of course :)