Monday, January 3, 2011

Our new Pup - Darby

Darby (the pup) meets Sarah (our 10 yr old Australian Shepherd). Sarah has taken on the mothering role with Darby and makes sure he is always squeaky clean!

As I recap the last few months - I have to mention a major change our household went through towards the end of November. We got a new puppy for our older daughter's birthday. He is the sweetest and cutest thing you've ever seen. When we got him he only weighed 1.3 lbs. Now he's a little under 4 lbs. We expect him to be about 9 when he's full grown. He is a shi tzu and just a big fur ball. We have all enjoyed him so much. And we've been pleasantly surprised at how well our daughter has taken on the responsibilities that come along with a puppy!

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