Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sweet Boy gets glasses

  This post is kind of off the subject of paper crafting but I had to share.  Our son who is 10 years old told us a few weeks ago that he had been seeing things blurry.  We waited a while to see if it would go away.  It didn't.  So we headed to the eye dr.  And the news was what I expected - Glasses!  The doc said he is still a little too young for contacts, so this was really our only option if he wanted to see better.  Cortland was shocked more than anything.  Cortland is a very athletic little boy and his greatest fear was that this would inhibit his playing ability.  Once I assured him that we would get him some sport's goggles and that he could still do anything he normally did, he was OK.  I think he was even a little excited to pick some out.  It's been a few days since he got them and all is going well.  The next big hurdle will be school.  Hopefully, no one will be insensitive to him and make a comment that would hurt his feelings.  I'll keep my fingers crossed and say a little prayer for that =).

After What a handsome guy!

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